Please don’t watch my wedding video. I am very shy.

Hi, My name is Zarin from . I chose my partner from an on line dating site. Then I and my husband Salem got married according to the traditional Pakistani wedding. Everyone knows that you have to be exceptionally careful before you date someone online. That’s why we’ve created this special page within the site to advise on how to go about dating and how you can keep yourself safe. Dating on the internet has been around since Internet Technology started. It is getting very popular now a days. You can make the choice of your person. You can find your favorite partner in days if not months. The reason being that people are looking for dating and have willingly joined the community. Another good point about online dating is that you can find someone from any corner of the world. And that also right in the front of your computer screen. When looking for a dating partner there are a few points to consider. Always be natural with your conversation. If you communicate via emails or chatting respect each other. If you don’t like something never leave personal remarks about each other. Always be truthful with your profile.

Write as much as you can about your interests. That opens more chance for the opposite sex to make a selection about you. In that case you may get a large amount of emails and questions to answer. Always be prompt with answering questions. And tell the truth to the very best of your knowledge. Add humor and be gentle. That goes for your profile as well. Always post your true picture. This shows you are serious about relation building. Your photo must be clear, simple and most recent one. Avoid wearing sunglasses, hats, shades, bands, head covering and similar. Also communicate with someone who has a clear picture posted. If you don’t like something about someone don’t insult them. If you feel insulted just ignore and don’t reply back. You will find that there are a few people who are not sincere. But don’t let this put you off. Online dating can be fun. Who knows you may find the partner of you life very quickly and be happy forever. Don’t be shy and be prepared to meet with someone you like. This will make you more confident. You will start getting better with the opposite sex. Always respect each other’s privacy. Always respect each other’s privacy. Finally online dating can be fun with choosing your date.